Tiger Corner Farms | Made in the Lowcountry: Tiger Corner Farms – WCBD News 2
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Made in the Lowcountry: Tiger Corner Farms – WCBD News 2


SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCBD)– Growing over 4500 plants in a 40 foot box may sound unbelievable. At Tiger Corner Farms they do it every month.

“Every single scientific discipline that I can think of is wrapped up into one box,” says chief engineer Evan Aluise.

It’s a partnership between nature and technology, and it all happens in recycled shipping containers. The innovative farm is operated by 3 sister companies.

One of those companies is Vertical Roots. A horticulture start up in charge of growing and harvesting the plants. Although they have experimented with many different plants, right now they primarily grow lettuce. They produce 7 different kinds.

Co-founder and operator, Matt Daniels, says they yield around 15 harvests a year.

“Right now we’re producing collectively 4000 heads a week, for the public and for Dorchester District 2 schools.”

It could be thanks to the perfect growing climate, the 20 second bursts of nutrient infused water, or the LED panels providing peak amounts of chlorophyll A and B.

All levels are monitored and regulated by a computer program, which was coded by the third sister company, Boxcar Central.

The aeroponic technology is manufactured by Tiger Corner Farms, a company in its infancy, but one with big goals.

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