Tiger Corner Farms | Thinking Inside the Box – Azalea Magazine
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Thinking Inside the Box – Azalea Magazine

From Azalea Magazine

For longtime Summerville residents and frequent visitors, the drive from the interstate into the charming downtown area is a familiar one: take the off-ramp from I-26, drive past the big box stores, and pass through a stretch of land packed with fast food options.Here, one can find it all: McDonald’s, Arby’s, Cookout, Checkers, Taco Bell, Subway, and Wendy’s are all located within a mile or so of one another: a veritable smorgasbord of often heavily processed fare far removed from the farms where many of their ingredients originated. A quick skip along the journey toward the quaint historic Main Street shops and high-quality restaurants, the area is a place where many drivers enter autopilot mode, the scene outside blurring as they focus on their ultimate destinations. But just beyond the sound of spatulas hitting griddles and the scent of fryer oil on full blast is something entirely unexpected: tucked quietly behind the restaurants is Tiger Corner Farms, a manufacturer of indoor aeroponic farms featuring on-site containers brimming with fresh, verdant produce.

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