Tiger Corner Farms | Tiger Corner Farms Receives GAP Certification for Its Container Farms
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Tiger Corner Farms Receives GAP Certification for Its Container Farms


Certification ensures all operating farms meet USDA compliance regulations

SEPTEMBER 14, 2017 – CHARLESTON, SC – Tiger Corner Farms announced today that the company has received Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certification from the U.S. Department of Agriculture for all its operating container farms. This voluntary audit verifies that crops grown inside the farms are produced, packed, handled and stored as safely as possible to minimize risks of microbial food safety hazards.

“Receiving GAP certification ensures that our farms produce the highest quality food for our customers and communities,” said Stefanie Swackhamer, general manager at Tiger Corner Farms. “Everyone has a right to know the food they purchase and consume is grown following all the right practices.”

The aeroponic container farm manufacturer currently has four operating farms at its Summerville, SC location with three more in the works. The company also has one farm located at the Citadel that is operated by cadets. Each farm is built inside a 320 sq. ft. recycled shipping container and is designed to the same specifications, which will allow all future TCF manufactured farms to easily become GAP certified upon their completion. Each farm takes approximately 15 working days to build from start to finish. Each crop cycle is also approximately 30 days from seed to harvest.

“As a company, we believe it is our duty to educate our farmers about the importance of compliance,” said Swackhamer. “By doing so, we create more opportunities for our containers’ farmers to expand their businesses, since so many markets today require food for sale or distribution to be GAP certified. This certification is just one more level of support we can now offer our container customers.”