Tiger Corner Farms | South Carolina Farmer Magazine features Tiger Corner Farms
The Tiger Corner aeroponic “farms” are housed in recycled shipping containers sourced from a Summerville supplier. They design each farm to the customer’s specifications and deliver it. Imagine a restaurant that wants a supply of fresh lettuce for its salad bar. TCF can put one right next to the restaurant or next to a school.
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SC Farmer Magazine Spotlights Tiger Corner Farms – Spring 2018

In Summerville, Flower Town in the Pines, you’ll find an unusual farm – an aeroponic farm. At Tiger Corner Farms, sustainability takes place in cargo containers, not fields. Somewhere on a distant sea a cargo ship’s containers face a future in aeroponic farming, a high-tech, plant-cultivation technique in which a fine mist delivers nutrients to roots suspended in the air. TCF’s goal? To create container farm systems that power healthier, sustainable communities.

The company got its beginnings when Don Taylor, the chief technology officer at Benefitfocus, was in the process of retiring. He wanted to find a way to give back. Taylor’s daughter, Stefanie Swackhamer, was a teacher at a Title I high school in North Charleston.

“We collectively decided that food access was a huge issue not only in our area but so many others. The tech aspect of aeroponics appealed to my dad, and so that is how we originally started down the path.”

Read the full story in the Spring 2018 issue of SC Farmer